Treasure in town

Soon in Geneva

How about having a friendly and fun time with your family and/or friends ? Become an adventurer and go on a treasure hunt in Geneva, the city will become your playground !

We suggest to combine walks and discoveries. You will improve your observation skills by finding clues that will lead you to the treasure!


For each treasure hunt the winner will receive a collector’s coin !


Discover Geneva from different angles. Each hunt will have a different theme. What about the first hunt? We are keeping the theme a secret for now, so we can surprise you !

Let’s meet on …………….. 2021 and let’s have fun together !

Useful informations:

When :

on …………….. 2021.

Where :


Recommended age :

from 10 to 99 years old but the youngest are welcome with their parents.

Recommended equipment and clothing :

Good walking shoes, clothes adapted to the weather of the day because the hunt will take place rain or shin, don’t forget your phone and a pen.

You will need to go up stairs and down stairs, maybe climb trees and / or dig, hunting will be done on foot and not on wheels.

Tarif :

13 CHF per person (from10 years old)
Under 10 years old : free

Important :

Registration is required through the online purchase tickets on our website. Click on Buy online.


Online ticket

Please note : no tickets will be sold the day of the hunt.
This treasure hunt is organized by professional guides of Geneva, who will be happy to meet you.
Terms and conditions :
  • Tickets are personal and non refundable.
  • The hunt starts at a specific time. Be on time to have luck on your side.
  • The winner of the hunt can’t convert the collector’s coin into cash.
  • We make you attentive to the fact, that there will be only one collector’s coin to be won per hunt !

Finally, each person registered for this activity participates under their own responsibility. www.tré can’t be held responsible for any accidents or other damages during the treasure hunt.


Julius Caesar

Extremum oppidum Allobrogum est proximumque Helvetiorum finibus Genava. Ex eo oppido pons ad Helvetios pertinet. Omnibus rebus ad profectionem comparatis diem dicunt, qua die ad ripam Rhodani omnes conveniant.

Mary Shelley

It was completely dark when I arrived in the environs of Geneva; the gates of the town were already shut; and I was obliged to pass the night at Secheron, a village half a league to the east of the city.

Фëдор Достоевский

Женева на Женевском озере. Озеро удивительно, берега живописны, но сама Женева – верх скуки. Это древний протестантский город, а впрочем, пьяниц бездна.